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July 26, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

Licking your popsicle, you glance over towards your boyfriend. You had asked him a couple days ago to mow your lawn and he had avoided doing it so far this weekend until now. Well now, he had to because once next week started, he would be jam packed with work from his boss. While, some people's work was very lax during the summer, his was almost always busy during this time of year.

You watched as sweat from his blonde hair dripped onto his black muscle shirt. You didn't expect it to be so hot and poor Alfred was stuck mowing your lawn in a hundred degrees temperature. He was almost finished and you almost wished he wasn't so you could keep checking him out. He was extremely attractive in the tight muscle shirt and you could see every single one of his abs.  Alfred's bright blonde hair was sticking to his forehead and his upbeat blue eyes looked determined to get your yard work done.

Biting off the last bit of your (f/c) popsicle, you placed it next to you. You had been sitting on the porch for the last fifteen or so minutes and you had a great view of your yard, which meant you got to see Alfred's hot body at all angles.

You put a hand over your eyes as you looked up at the sunny azure sky. There wasn't a cloud in sight and the sun was blaring down on this would-be gorgeous day, if only it wasn't so hot outside.

Glancing back towards Alfred, you saw him place the lawnmower by your garage and make his way over towards you at the porch. You watched him lift up his shirt to wipe some of the sweat of his brow before you stood up, handing to him an ice cold glass of Coke. "Thanks, babe," Alfred said, smiling cheerily at you, "Man, it's too hot."

"I brought a drink for you because I thought a nice cold drink would be refreshing. Thanks for mowing my lawn even when it's so hot." You said. "It's the hero's job to be there for a person in need!" Alfred exclaimed. Jokingly, you asked, "Even if the hero's job is just mowing his girlfriend's lawn?"

"Especially if it's for you, babe." Alfred answered, taking a stray strand of (h/c) hair that had fallen into your face and placed it behind your ear. Smiling warmly at him, you gestured towards the door of your house and said, "Let's head inside. It's rather hot out here and besides, you look like you could use a nice shower."

Making you way indoors, you take Alfred's now empty glass and place it in the kitchen sink. Turning back toward your boyfriend, you were surprised to find him now shirtless. Walking over to him, you took the shirt in his hands and dumped it in the dirty clothes hamper. You could feel his eyes on you as you took the hamper over to the washing machine. Before you had the chance to reach down and pick up the first few clothes in the hamper, you felt two arms wrap around your waist and his lips kiss the side of your neck. You blushed lightly, a bit stunned at the sudden contact, and he kissed his way up to your jaw.  You turned your head sideways so you could see him and (e/c) orbs met affectionate blue ones.

He leaned forward and caught you in a passionate kiss. His tongue prodded at your lips, begging for entrance, which you gladly gave him. His tongue explored your mouth before your tongue met his. You both fought for dominance, but you eventually lost and let him continue his exploration of your mouth.

Picking you up bridal style, he carried you off toward your bedroom, never breaking the kiss. When Alfred placed you onto the bed, you separated your mouths so you could both take a well-needed breath. You felt his hand sneak up underneath you shirt and you placed your hands on his well-toned chest. He gave your breast a squeeze, earning a small gasp from you. You placed your hand on the sides of his face and pulled his face towards yours, latching your lips together in a heated kiss.

Once again, you broke the kiss, so he could lift you shirt over your head, leaving you clad in your (f/c) bra. Kissing you again, he ground his hips against yours, his hand latching onto the back of your bra and unclipping it. Feeling self-conscious, as this was your first time, you covered your breasts and blushed.

"You don't need to feel shy, (Name)," Alfred said looking at you in the eyes, "I love you. I'll only go as far as you want me to." Blushing more, you looked to the side and uncovered you breasts, "N-no, I want you to go further. I love you, too."

He leaned forward and kissed the side of your neck and slowly snaked a hand onto your left breast. He gave it a small squeeze and you moaned. With more confidence, he pinched your nipples. "A-Alfred!" You moaned out. Kissing slowly down your neck, he sucked on your throat and ran a hand down your stomach and onto the hem of your shorts. Pulling them off of you, he moved his mouth so he was now sucking on your nipple. This earned a plethora of moans from you.

Slowly at first, he rubbed a finger against you through your panties. Smirking, he looked at you, "Wet already? You must really want me." "Oh, be quiet. You're one to talk," you said motioning to the tent in his pants, "You want this just as much as I do." Reaching up, you rubbed your fingers against his cowlick. His reaction was instantaneous. He thrust his hips against yours as he caught you into a fervent kiss.

Flipping him over, so you were now on top, you unzipped his pants and slid them off. You smirked at his American flag boxers, before slipping those off as well. You blushed at how big he was. Slowly you reached your hand around his length and pumped it once and earned a loud moan from him. "(N-name)!"

You grinned at his reaction and lowered your mouth towards his member. You licked it down its length and, becoming more confident from his moans and thrusts, put him in your mouth and sucked. He bucked in your mouth. You licked him and sucked again. "(N-name)…m-more…h-holy shit!!" He wrapped his hands in your (h/c) locks and pushed your head on his member more.

"(N-NAME)!! I'M COMING!!"  You felt him shoot his seed into your mouth and down your throat. You swallowed it. It didn't taste as bad as you thought it would. Panting, Alfred grabbed hold of you and flipped you over so that he was on top.

He pried open your lips roughly with his tongue and caught you in another heated kiss. He pulled your underwear off of you and broke the kiss. He then took a moment to look at your body and blushed lightly, "Y-you're stunning, (Name.) You're the most beautiful person I've ever seen. I love you, babe. I love you so much." Blushing at his confession, you answered him, "I love you, too, Alfred. I love you with all of my heart."

He caressed your cheek and smiled lovingly at you. "I'm glad to hear that."  He then positioned himself at your wet entrance. "Are you ready? You can still back out if you're not and-" You cut him off, "I'm ready for you, Alfred, and I will always be." You smiled back up at him.

"Tell me if I need to slow down or stop. You'll tell me if it hurts right?" Alfred nervously looked down at you. You nodded and braced yourself. Slowly, he began to push into you. It didn't really hurt at first, but once he was about the third of the way in, you started to really feel the pain. You closed your eyes and tried to hold out but couldn't help to shed a few tears.

It took all of Alfred's will not to just ram into you. He knew that you were in pain. It was just that you felt SO GOOD. However, he would rather die a thousand deaths than ever cause you pain. He glanced down at your face to see you crying softly. He reached down with his thumb and wiped them away. He began to whisper sweet nothings into your ear, hoping to give you a small refuge from the pain.

Finally, he was all the way inside of you. It still hurt you, so you both stayed in place for a couple of minutes before you began to feel the pain slowly fade away. Opening your eyes, you looked up, and saw Alfred watching your face intently, doing his best not to move and hurt you.

You smiled up at him and told him he could start.

Slowly, but surely, he pulled out of you and pumped inside of you again. You both moaned out loud.  He started at a slow pace and began to speed up. "O-oh…m-my…A-Alfred…m-more…p-please…" You barely got out in between moans.

He began to pump into you faster and faster, until you saw stars when he hit that one spot inside of you. You rolled your head back. It was almost too much. You were consumed in such utter ecstasy. "G-God, (N-name)…y-you feel…so f-fucking….g-good," Alfred groaned out.

You started to feel very warm down in your core, until it was almost too much for you to take. "A-Alfred…I-I'm g-going…t-to…ALFRED!!~" You screamed as you released.
Alfred wasn't far behind your release when he felt your juices around him. He slammed into you once more before his own release. "(N-NAME)!!!~"

He came inside of you before pulling out and collapsing next to you. He draped an arm around your waist and you cuddled up close to his chest.

"(Name)," Alfred started. "Yes, Alfred?" You looked up to him. He took one arm and propped himself up. Alfred then took his other hand and ran his thumb against you cheek in circles. He stared at you lovingly before pulling you close to him in a hug. He placed his head atop yours. "I really do mean what I said earlier, babe. I love you."
"I love you, too," You answered without hesitation. "Do you promise to stay with me?" You asked against his chest.

He looked down at you and used his thumb to tilt you face towards his so that his blue eyes met your (e/c) ones.

"I promise." He smiled down at you and caressed your cheek with his hand. You smiled up at him with all the love your heart could muster. You laid your head against his chest again. He wrapped his arms around you and held you close. Slowly you closed your eyes, and drifted off into a soft slumber, with Alfred not too far behind.  Both of you fell asleep thinking of the one you loved the most: each other.
Request for Coca Cola (lilaura12)

I'm sorry if it's not very good! :iconcutecryplz: It's my first lemon. Atleast it's not as fluffy as I had originally made it. I was actually planning to make this more hot.....but, as you can see, it didn't really turn out like that. :iconsweatdropplz:

Anyway, I hope you like it!

Preview Picture Link: [link]

(I hope my mom doesn't find out that I wrote a story with sex on her laptop.....:icongermanicdespairplz:)
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It waz beautiful!
ZlayZlay Apr 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. such an amazing lemon...* reads description* MUTHAH OF GAWD... this was sour FIRST lemon?!?!?!
ladybug180 Apr 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
um im not into anime but I substituted Alfred for the boy I like. it was very pleasing
If only this kinda thing can actually happen in real life Mitsuki Nase (Pillow Hug Worried) [V1]-le sigh- Sigh 
Yes if only sexy sweaty Americans would mow my lawn *Sadness*
So cute :3 They really love each other ♡
I like what you did with Germany's face at the end of you comment. It got me giggling a little bit
Starrykitties Mar 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
This is one of the best lemons I read thus far!

*violent nosebleed of epic proportions* Thank god for cowlicks lol :iconamericarapefaceplz: :iconamericagasmplz: :iconmajornosebleedplz:

pelvic thrust Icon - 093 Jean  :iconifaintplz:

kkstrider2 Feb 27, 2014  New member
This is better then the homestuck lemons I read..good job......-dies from nosebleed-
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